ISO/IEC intelligent manufacturing standard chart working group held its first meeting

Date: 2018-04-04
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In order to better coordinate intelligent manufacturing standardization, IEC and ISO are responsible for the technical coordination organization of the smart manufacturing top strategy, IEC/SEG7 (Intelligent Manufacturing System Evaluation Group) and ISO/SMCC (Intelligent Manufacturing Coordination Committee) to set up the WG1 "Joint Working Group on intelligent manufacturing standard map", the first meeting was held in Berlin, Germany on March 7, 2018, on -8 day. .

From Germany, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Spain and other countries, 16 experts come to the meeting or participate in the discussion through the way of network meeting. Dr. Ding Lu, deputy director of the Institute of integrated technology and economics of the mechanical industry and the center of instrumentation and technology, participated in the conference.

The joint working group of intelligent manufacturing standard chart was formally established in February 2018. At present, there are 38 experts from 11 countries. The aim is to form intelligent manufacturing standard system by combing the relevant standards and definitions of intelligent manufacturing. This meeting mainly introduces the background of the working group and the progress of the work of IEC/SEG7 and ISO/SMCC. Then, based on the existing achievements of the standardized organizations such as IEC/SEG7, ISO/SMCC, IEC/TC65 and ISO/TC184, the basic structure and data sources of the intelligent manufacturing standard diagram are discussed, and the next work plan and important nodes are clearly defined. . The first edition of intelligent manufacturing standard map is expected to be released in early 2019 as a technical report.

As the deputy head unit of the national intelligent manufacturing standardization group and the Secretariat of the 4 standardization working group of the Sino German intelligent manufacturing / industry, the Institute has long followed and participated in the international standardization of intelligent manufacturing, and participated in the standardized top level design of the intelligent manufacturing reference model, frame, system frame and standard system. At this meeting, based on our country's intelligent manufacturing standard architecture, Dr. Ding Lu, as a representative of Chinese experts, proposed the dimension division of intelligent manufacturing standards, and successfully incorporated our country's architecture into the important component of the intelligent manufacturing standard map, and integrated the relevant research results into the international standards for intelligent manufacturing and promoted me. China's initiative and influence in the international level of intelligent manufacturing play an important role.

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