NSK will attend the SEMICON CHINA 2018 exhibition in Shanghai, China for the first time.

Date: 2018-04-04
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Eske Investment Limited is to attend the SEMICON CHINA 2018 exhibition in Shanghai on -16 March 14th.

In recent years, the global semiconductor industry has been booming again, and the semiconductor industry is also listed as the key development industry in the national strategic transformation in the "China made 2025". Against this background, China's semiconductor market has increasingly become the investment priority of the semiconductor giant, and the demand for semiconductor and its automation equipment will continue to grow.

NSK group is dedicated to the research and production of parts and components in the field of Semicon for many years. It is a long year supplier for many international leading manufacturers, but it is the first time to participate in Semicon China. 90% of the exhibits are imported from abroad and are first exhibited in China.

NSK, the theme of the exhibition is "YOUR REAL PARTNER", exhibiting a variety of special working conditions, bearings, ball screw, linear guide, are for customers in the actual problems, gathering NSK years of technical experience in the industry. NSK hopes that more Chinese manufacturers will be able to understand NSK and provide technical support for the development of China's Semicon products.

NSK将首次在中国上海参加SEMICON CHINA 2018展会

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