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With the continuous advancement of the world economic integration process, the level of domestic equipment manufacturing is facing rapid pressures. Bearings play a vital role as the core components of the equipment. Xi'an Jinggong Bearing Co., Ltd. Technical Service Department and sales engineers can provide reasonable suggestions for bearing selection, clearance, material, lubrication, installation and maintenance, etc. based on the user's equipment conditions. Through continuous innovation and promotion, the equipment can achieve long-term operation. highlight the reliability  and the cost performance of the bearing products.

1. For key customers and large-scale production equipment customers and supporting customers, record details such as equipment model, manufacturer, date of manufacture, bearing equipment and replacement date, etc.

2. Carry out key follow-up inspection on bearings that have arrived or are approaching the replacement cycle, reminding customers to pay attention to observation or timely replacement and stocking in time to avoid abrupt shutdown.

3. For products that customers do not stock, they should promptly implement the sources of goods, supply period, and when there is a big difference between the supply periods, they should communicate with customers in time and take reasonable emergency measures.

4. Implement customer's preparatory work before installing bearings. Whether the disassembly tools and inspection tools are sound and effective, and coordinate the technical communication between technical service engineers and customer technical personnel.

5. Further check whether the relevant parameters such as the type, type and size of the replacement bearings are correct

6. Comprehensive understanding of the operating conditions of the bearing, understand the customer's disassembly process




Trading has been a process of currency trading since ancient times. With the continuous improvement of traditional service methods and the continuous improvement of modern services, simple trading methods can no longer meet the needs of modern development. Therefore, after-sales service is particularly important, and is embodied in the following aspects:

1. Inspect and analyze the cause of damage of bearings to be replaced, find out the factors causing abnormal damage, and propose reasonable corrective measures

2. Check whether the customer's installation process and assembly and disassembly tools are reasonable and effective, and point out that the customer's unreasonable disassembly operation may cause adverse consequences

3. Test whether the dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances of bearings and related components meet the requirements of the drawings.

4. Check the correctness of the bearing preparation, whether the installation is in place, avoid premature failure due to inaccurate installation

5. Whether the straight bearing interferes with other components.

6. Start to check if the bearing operation is normal

7. Track and check the use, maintenance, and maintenance of the bearing. Reminds users of matters needing attention


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